My Journey as an Artist

My Journey as an Artist (so far)

How it Began

My childhood home was full of traditional Irish music, a love of country life, and an appreciation for practical, hands-on making. In this atmosphere, I was encouraged to be creative, so many of my earliest memories are of drawing, and painting. There was never any doubt in my mind that I would do something creative with my life. 

Being quiet as a child, art became my voice. Throughout my teenage years my love of art continued to grow and flourish. 

 The Choices We Make

As with life, of course, my art journey has had many twists and turns.

I decided not to pursue what I loved when going to university. This was down to a misconception that I should get a ‘real’ job, and fear of pursuing my dreams, but I always had this understanding that I would come back to my art. I knew it would be waiting for me when I was ready to make it happen.

 Follow Your Dreams

I travelled extensively and explored many amazing countries over the years. I painted when I found the time, all the while knowing there was always a longing for more. Working as a primary school teacher gave me some opportunities to be creative, though I often told my class to ‘follow your dreams’ while I had neglected my own.

The voice inside my head began to resonate louder and louder about fulfillment - about moving closer once again to my own dream of being an artist. 

 Taking Action to Make it Happen 

I was organising some old photo albums towards the end of 2020 and while looking through images of myself as a child, and loved ones no longer here, it hit home how quickly life can pass by. It was at this point that I decided to be brave and take action. 

So, over the past year, while teaching part-time, I have painted consistently.  I've been sharing my paintings online and I also set up and launched my own website. I'm so delighted to have completed commissions and sold originals and prints around Ireland, the UK and beyond! Until we push ourselves beyond our comfort zone, we just don't know what we are capable of. 

 Where I'm Meant to Be

I'm happiest when I'm at my easel, a candle lit, my apron on, listening to music and with a palette knife or paintbrush in my hand. Time flows by and it is where I'm meant to be. My journey, then, has led me back to where I first began.🤍

I'd love to hear from you - if you've any questions please get in touch. You can send me a message on Instagram or join me here to hear a little bit more about me and the inspiration and stories behind my paintings.

Thanks for reading!

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