Top Tips When Choosing Art for Your Home

Top Tips When Choosing Art for Your Home

Would you like to start your art collection but you're not sure where to begin? Read on for my 5 top tips on choosing art for your home.

1. Choose Art You Love

Choose art you love - how does it make you feel? Surrounding yourself with art you love and feel connected to can express positivity and joy. Art can bring you back to a special place or a moment in time. Choosing art you love allows your personality to shine through.


2. Choose Colours to Add Atmosphere to Your Home

The addition of colour can transform the mood and atmosphere of any room. The colours you choose adds character to your space. Decide on whether you want a calming, uplifting or energetic vibe. You may want relaxing, neutral art in the bedroom and a striking conversation starter as a central piece in the living room.

Original Irish Art Sunset Painting


3. Consider Your Size & Space

When choosing art, measure the space you want to fill. Choose whether you would prefer a large statement piece or a gallery wall of smaller pieces. When placed above furniture, the art should be about three-quarters the width of the furniture. For a statement piece that will be the focal point of the room, go big!


4. Commission a Unique Piece

Commissioning an original piece of art is a great option if you are looking for something unique. Choosing a commissioned piece will help you achieve the right style, colours and size of art for your home. You may have a photo you would like to turn into a custom piece - this makes for a personalised, one-off piece of art that truly reflects you.



5. Framing & Hanging Your Art

Choosing the right frame can enhance a piece of art. Black frames can add depth to the art - white frames work well with vibrant art. Natural wood tones may suit your setting and interiors. A deep edge canvas does not need to be framed and creates a more relaxed look. Hang your art so that the midpoint is around 1.5m from the floor.

An original floral oil painting of flowers on a woodland walk. The colours are bright, positive and joyful.

If you've any questions about choosing art for your home of if you'd like to enquire about creating a unique piece of art for your home, send me a message here, I'd love to hear from you. Or to see what original art is currently available, check out my Irish landscape paintings or Irish coastal paintings inspired by the Wild Atlantic Way.

Thanks for reading,

Fiona 🤍 

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